Stephanie prides herself on being a custom tattoo artist and thoroughly enjoys the process of designing a specific piece for each client. Having also a background in retail, she wants her clients to experience 2 things – to have a design that is perfectly tailored to their needs, and to feel so welcome and at home in the studio that it feels like they are visiting an old friend. 

Although confident and well versed in all styles, Stephanie has a fondness for Blackwork, Neo traditional and Hyperrealism tattooing, while also drawing inspiration from her great grandfather who was a recognised water colourist, she has found herself to be a sought after tattooist when it comes to achieving an authentic watercolour style of tattooing. Being somewhat outrageous in character – she takes great joy in odd quirky designs, taking strange creatures and objects and making them beautiful, intriguing but slightly unsettling (this tends to result in a lot of flowers with eyes and long fingers on characters) 

Stephanie is has recently and proudly launched 'Serpent & Siren Tattoo', located underneath Betty's Espresso in 11 Browning Street, West End, Brisbane.



Coming from generations of artists, Stephanie grew up under the guidance of her mother/art teacher and from an early age she was encouraged to play with different mediums. With constant encouragement and advice (“Please don’t use black Stephanie”)  Stephanie began exhibiting her artwork whilst at High School and her Expressionist Acrylics and instillations were entered & awarded into local art competitions and the annual Martin Hanson Exhibition.


Stephanie began steadily working towards becoming a Tattooist in 2012 under the watchful eye of Mike Day and completed her apprenticeship in June 2014.